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Friday, May 16, 2008

Branded vs. Custom-Built Computers

Let’s face it, desktop PCs made by Apple, HP, Acer, and other brands are very nice to look at. However, their prices are just way too high. That’s why I never buy a branded PC. The cost of buying a branded PC is enough for me to build a computer that has specifications twice as powerful as the branded ones.

While some argue that branded PCs are cheaper in the long run because they get tech support or a 1 year warranty, I can say the same for custom built PCs. For one, all of the parts that you buy for your custom built PCs have 1 year warranty so it’s also like getting the same warranty as the branded PCs. As for the tech support, well, computers are very easy to troubleshoot. A quick search in Google would almost always yield results.

As for the quality, the parts inside your branded desktop PCs are from the same manufacturers that sell retail PC parts. As to how to build your own PC, there are a lot of resources on the internet such as wherein you can get a lot of resources and information on how to build your PC.