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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Distance Learning

Have you ever wanted to finish your degree from a US/European university or college but you just don’t have the money to travel abroad? Well, thanks to the Internet, getting a foreign degree has been made simple with distance learning.

With Distance Learning , you can actually finish a degree or course in the comforts of your own home. In this kind of set-up, the student is given instructional materials either in the form of audio cds, cassettes, or actual instructional materials such as handouts or books. The student can communicate with the teachers through telephone or email, and thanks to advances in technology they can even communicate through video conferencing.


Distance learning is very advantageous for working individuals who are to busy to actually attend classroom sessions. It would also benefit individuals who are looking to expand their resume by getting a foreign degree but they don’t have the resources to travel abroad.


One of the great disadvantages of distance learning is when it comes to actual tests. If the test papers are actually sent to students, then the teachers would have no way of controlling cheating. However, because of the Internet, some online universities uses online software to conduct testing which are more secured and can easily guard against cheating.

Online Universities

Kaplan Open Learning is an organization dedicated to distance learning or online learning. This organization is an affiliate college of University of Essex so you will get an actual UK degree. Kaplan offers degrees in Business and Management, Marketing and Sales, and Entrepreneurship and Internet Marketing.

You can just imagine the edge that you can get if you’re applying for a top level position and you present them with a UK degree. You can actually treat the tuition fee you will pay for distance learning as an investment. Once you’ve finished your degree, you can earn this back in the form of higher salaries because of the premium that companies will offer you. After all, not everyone can have a UK degree.