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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First look: Sony HDR-HC5

I've been scouring the net as well as the malls in Metro Manila looking for a cheap high definition camcorder. I thought that I was looking in vain. The lowest priced camcorder I've seen in eBay is P44,000 but my budget wouldn't stretch that far. I thought I was bound to find something since there are HD camcorders in the US that has a price of below P30,000.

I was about to give up, knowing that HD camcorders would not be as common here as digital cameras in another two to three years but my search finally paid off when I found an old model of Sony's HD camcorder at the Sony Square in Megamall. I was just able to nab the last one of the Sony HDR-HC5 and I got it for P35,000, payable in 12 months through credit card.

I'm really excited. Though Sony has already phased out the Sony HDR-HC5 in the US I'm still glad I was able to get it at such a bargain price. It used to sell in the mid P50,000 range. The Sony HDR-HC5 utilizes HDV or mini DV which is a pain since I can't find one single Sony Store selling any HDV tapes.

I'm still tinkering with it. It's nice to hold but a bit on the heavy side and my muscles started to ache after prolonged used. Anyways, I'll try to post a review though I really don't think it would be necessary since this model is already phased out.