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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get paid to read SMS messages

Before the days when I have discovered blogging, I was into all these get paid to schemes. I have joined get paid to read ads, get paid to view ads, get paid to sign up, get paid to post on forums, etc. During my money-making days, I've come across a get paid to read SMS messages site, however, this was only open in India.

I was intrigued. My brain began working overtime and thought maybe I should set up a similar scheme here in the Philippines. However, since I'm the cautious type, there were many loopholes that I've seen that I thought this kind of incentive might not work.

Well, I guess somebody picked up on the idea that our Indian friends have because a subsidiary of Smart is introducing a get paid to read SMS messages service. The idea behind the service is that Smart would constantly bother you with ads through text messages. I think they're paying you 50 cent per ad through load credits. You have to have a special simcard in order to join.

The service provider would of course, offer advertisers a packaging scheme, something like, P1 per messages sent to different subscribers. So if an advertiser pays P20,000, the service provider then has to send the ad to 20,000 subscribers. The service provider would then share this P1 revenue to their subscribers so if it's a 50-50 scheme, 50 cents would be credit to the subscriber and 50 cent would go to the pocket of the advertiser.

Problem 1: if I were an advertiser, would I spend P20,000 to send out text ads when I can easily do so if I have a corporate postpaid account and the cost per SMS is only around 70 to 60 cents?

Problem 2: As an advertiser, how do I know if my ads are really getting through the customers? As mobile phones get cheaper and more and more Filipinos have two cell phones, they can just as easily let the text ads pile up on their phone and get the credits without ever laying eyes on the ads.

Problem 3: Are load credits enough of an incentive? Sure, it may be enough for college and high school students but yuppies would hardly flip over a 50 cent load credits. Now if we're talking about the chance to earn cold, hard cash, it would be totally different.

This are just some of the problems that I can think of. However, I may be wrong and given our economic situation, a lot of people might jump into the "get paid to read SMS" bandwagon. Who knows?