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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Google demonstrates Android

I was browsing Yahoo Tech news when I've come upon an AP article about how Google has demonstrated their Android. Honestly, I think there are already enough mobile operating platform for mobile manufacturers. There's Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux, and now Android.

I wish mobile phone manufacturers will just stick with one platform. Take Nokia for example, almost all of their phones runs on Symbian, with a few running Linux--I think. Though the capabilities of Android seems great: Compass, magnifying tool for web browsing, Mobile Pac Man, etc, it would only affect the consumers. Developers would of course make applications for these operating system which are not compatible with each other, leaving out those who are using another OS.

Though the competition would give us consumers a lot of choices, it would hinder future mobile technological advances since developers would have to make different applications compatible with different OS in order for that technology to reach a wide variety of consumers.