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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HEALTH ALERT: Do you know who makes your muffin?

I thought horror stories about baked products are confined to third world countries. It seems that they have similar problems with the American Classic Bakery over in the States. The website linked above is dedicated to exposing the American Classic Bakery. Horror stories of objects such as nails, wood chip, etc, being found in American Classic Bakery’s products can be found on the website.

According to the blog, American Classic Bakery or Fernando’s Bakery’s employees don’t wear gloves. After taking a closer look at the pictures, it does seem that the gloves are superimposed or “photoshopped”. If these accusations are true, then the sanitation department should definitely crack down on Fernando’s Bakery. The most recent blog post talks about how the FDA found undeclared colors on American Classic Bakery’s baked products. Though an undeclared color doesn’t seem like a big deal, all ingredients that goes into a food product should be declared since a lot of people have different allergies.

Anyways, next time you bite into your muffin, you should know who made it, lest you want to suffer diarrhea or chipped tooth.