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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home Rentals

There's a new trend for travelers nowadays who are willing to go all out for their vacation--home rentals. Home rentals are perfect for those traveling with their family. For almost the same cost as a five star hotel, families can enjoy their own home while on vacation. Some home owners would even allow you to bring pets.

This is specially true for European travelers where some people choose to rent a house rather than stay at a hotel. There are niche travel sites nowadays that offer to book you a home rental rather than a hotel. Vacationrentalrome.com is one of these sites. They offer Rome vacation rental for those travelers who want a home away from home.

Personally, I think home rentals are better than hotel rooms. Though you won't get the service and amenities that you could usually find in hotels, I can feel much more at ease with my family if we're renting a house.