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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Internet Shopping

I was searching for some wooden mini blinds on the net. I was able to find a 1" Designer Basswood Wood Blind over at and you can even select the color you want. Unfortunately, they only ship within the 48 states. Ugh, that's what I hate about Internet shopping. When you find something you want, the store cannot ship internationally.

In cases like this I usually have two options: Use or have someone in the US buy it for me and ship it here. The problem with is that their shipping fees would depend on the amount you're buying. I only use e2door when I'm shopping for products below $50 and I don't want to bother any of my friends/relatives in the US. When buying electronics and gadgets, I usually buy it and send it to my friends or relatives in the US and have them ship it to me via Fedex and declare it as gift or used to avoid customs and taxes.

In this case since e2door's shipping price is almost the price of the product itself, I'll probably just bother one of my friends. :D