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Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man rocks!!

I've just watched Iron Man yesterday and I have to say--it ROCKS!! I was actually surprised that I liked it so much. There are several reasons why I didn't want to watch it:

  1. When I was growing up I barely knew who Iron Man was
  2. I didn't see any of the Iron Man trailers
  3. I didn't like the leading actor, Robert Downey Jr. I personally thought that he was not super hero material and I wondered why they chose him.
  4. In my mind, I though Iron Man was just a tin can version of Robocop.

Anyways, while I was browsing Gizmodo, they were having a poll whether Iron Man was the greatest Super Hero Movie ever and I got curious because they compared it with Batman Begins and Spider Man. I was actually glad that I got curious enough to watch the movie because I personally think that it IS the best super hero movie that I've seen so far.

Though Robert Downey Jr. doesn't have the super hero body and the looks, he actually did a good job portraying the arrogant playboy, Tony Starks. Plus, the gadgets on the movie made it more interesting. From the comic book and cartoons, Iron Man just looks like a Tin Man but in the movie, the suit was WAAAY cooler than Robocop (back in those days). The movie is funny and entertaining and there's never a boring part on it.

Anyways, if you've already watched the movie and you're interested in finding out what are some of the gadgets used, check out this gadgets of Iron Man post.