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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is this the right time to buy a car?

World Oil Prices is up to $128, local oil prices is set to increase another P1/liter, is this really a good time to buy a car? Even if car manufacturers are churning out cheap cars, the lowest I've seen so far is at the P300,000 price point, would you be able to maintain a car in the long run?

The answer of course, is a resounding no. Even with the popularity of LPG gas as an alternative, buying a car is still not a wise decision specially if you're a middle-income earner. The auto gas is about half the price of ordinary oil, however, the cost of installing one on your car is still very high, and let's not mention the fact that there are still some who doubt the safety of a converted LPG gas vehicle.

No matter how much you're itching to get that P300,000 car and bring to life your dream of owning your own set of "wheels", the good advice is think it over or wait a while until the world economy crisis is resolved. How long that would take, nobody knows.