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Thursday, May 22, 2008

MTRCB's double standard in ratings

What is up with MTRCB? They seem to have a double standard when it comes to rating films made in the Philippines compared with foreign films. When my boyfriend and I watched Iron Man, which by the way is one of the greatest superhero movie, we noticed that it was rated General Patronage so we expected a lot of screaming children inside the theater but thankfully, there weren't any.

Then came that scene where Tony Starks had a one night stand with the reporter. They were shown kissing in bed then the next day, the reporter was wearing Tony Stark's shirt. Sure, there wasn't any pumping scenes or prolonged kissing scenes, but still, a kid would ask. Passionate kissing inside a bedroom is not something you can easily explain to a five year old. And let's not forget all the missiles firing, war, and blood though it's really not that gory, these kind of scenes aren't really made for children. My boyfriend and I then started complaining why the heck it was rated GP and wondered whether there were some scenes cut since in the US, Iron Man was rated PG13.

What is that about? Don't tell me Americans are now more conservative than Filipinos? And what about rating When Love Begins PG13? Of course, I haven't exactly watched the movie but still--I can't believe we have a more lenient rating system here than in the US.

I've always associated GP ratings with cartoons and family friendly shows made by Disney or those usually shown for Christmas. Action films about superheroes should not be rated GP not unless they cut the scenes with all the killing, blowing up and stuff. Get your act together, MTRCB.