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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nationwide GPS map of the Philippines now available—for owners of BMW 3 series

*Groan!* Why do the rich always gets the perks? I’ve been waiting for over a year for ANYONE to release a nationwide GPS map of the Philippines. Right now, the GPS map I have for my Samsung i780 is an old GPS map of Metro Manila by MapKing. Well, it seems that there’s now a viable navigation system in the Philippines through the BMW Navigation System. I don’t know whether this would be available for purchase online or if they have a software compatible with Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.

The BMW Navigation System is preloaded with a Nuvi map that covers thoroughfares in cities—and this is the good part, PROVINCES around the Philippines. Now imagine if you have this equipped on your car, you can now take road trips anywhere in the Philippines without ever getting lost.

I have to Google in order to find out if there’s a Nuvi Map available for other devices. Will update later.


Well, I had no luck finding a commerical version of Nuvi Maps of the Philippines, however, I did find a free downloadable GPS Philippine map compatible with Garmin GPS devices. You can download it here:


Gilbert said...

Any updates re: the BMW Nuvi Manila GPS maps? I've recently installed a 6.5" 2-DIN headunit in my car which has a GPS module and antenna besides the TV/Radio/DVD/SD-card/iPod functions it already has. I've managed to load a copy of Route66 GPS software into it along with a 2GB map of European cities just to see if it works. It does. I'm testing a 2007 version of MapKing's manila map over the weekend if I can get the new software installed in the system. Hopefully it works.

- Gilbert

natalie1981 said...

Didn't find the official Nuvi map for the Philippines but I found a free version. Check the link on my updated post.

Anonymous said...

FYI the bmmw nuvi map and the map you found at are the same... the one at freewebs gets updated more often than the bmw one though....