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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The New SEC i-Register is a failure

Before SEC "upgraded" their system, I was able to help my dad register some companies for his clients but now, you're lucky if you are able to register ANY company name for that matter. If you try to search for registered company names, let's say Natalie Properties, Inc. their system will say that there are no registered companies with that name.

However, the problem will now start when you try to reserve the company through their i-Register system. The system will reject your request just because some other companies already have "properties" in their company name, thus the system said that my company name is "confusingly similar" to the other company. WTF?! If you hand me the directory, do you know how many real estate companies in the Philippines that has the word "properties" in their company name? Now you're rejecting my company just because of that stupid common name which by the way, according to the Intellectual Property code, no company can have full ownership of a common name such as "properties" "development", etc.

So why the heck does SEC system reject online registration just because they found a similar term? I suggest that SEC sack whoever made their i-Register because instead of automating the registration process, it will only make the lines in their main office longer if other people are bent on registering a corporation with the common name "properties".