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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Online Movie Rentals and Video downloads

As you know, some major critics of Blu-ray is that it will soon be obsolete as soon as HD film downloads will be available on the Internet. I think it was NetFlix who started the movie download trend with their Online Movie Rental and then Amazon followed with their Amazon unboxed.

While I for one would love to see HD movie downloads be available on the Internet since it would save me a lot rather than buying Blu-ray movies, one factor that hinders HD downloads is that there aren't many Internet Service Providers that offer 1 that high a bandwidth to accommodate HD downloads. Even though you have 1Mbps bandwidth, it would still take you around 1 day to download a 4GB high def movie.

Now online movie rentals are a different thing. Some people actually prefer downloading from Amazon unbox. Of course, the hindrance to online movie downloads is that unlike DVD, because of digital rights management, you're only limited to viewing the movie on the PC you have downloaded it to.

I guess that's why Online Movie Rentals hasn't taken off in the Philippines.