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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Overview of online dating sites

Ah, cyberspace, what would we do without you? Fifteen years ago, if you want to meet local singles, the traditional way would have been to meet someone at work or your neighborhood and fall in love. Nowadays, with the Internet and all, you can add to those places where you can find love: forums, chatrooms, online dating sites, and now social networks.

Online dating sites are the more straightforward way of finding love. With online dating sites, you create a profile with your age, location, likes, dislikes, etc, and then you even put in what you’re looking for in a partner. It’s actually similar to Friendster. How you interact on an online dating site depends on which site you’re on.

On eHarmony for example, you can do away with searches as they give you a compatibility test and match you with another person. According to them, their test is based on scientific method. Other popular dating sites are Yahoo Personals and Matchmaker.

One good advantage of online dating sites over social networks is that everyone on a dating website’s database is single and when someone messages you, you don’t have to guess whether that person is also looking for love.

If you haven’t found love the traditional way, why not give dating sites a go. Who knows, your soul mate may just be out there.