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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pope Benedict goes Digital

According to a Reuters report, Pope Benedict will send text messsages to young Catholic teens during the World Youth Day in July to be held in Sydney, Australia. The text messages will consist of daily inspirational messages during the six day event.

I would definitely like to receive one, however, I sure hope that whatever text message it is, it won't consist of chain text messages asking us to pass this message to 100 people or we'll get struck by lightning or something. :D


Sophia Sparx said...

Talk about religion going digital, have you seen this site where people confess their sins, anonymously, online? http://iconfessmyself.blogspot.com

natalie1981 said...

Yes, heard of it before but I don't remember it being on blogspot. I think the one featured on the news was http://dailyconfession.com