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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Printing your own vs. professional printers

There are a lot of cheap printers nowadays and because of this, almost anyone can print their own business cards, greeting cards, moving announcements, flyers, etc. However, even though printers come cheap nowadays, is it a good idea for your business to do your own printing rather than have a professional printer do the job? Here are just some of the things you might consider before you decide to have your company’s precious logo splattered on printed material from your desktop printer.

  1. If you’re going to print in bulk, consider hiring a professional printer. First of all, the cost of materials and ink alone would rack up the price per piece of your printed material. Professional printers already buy their raw materials in bulk and since printing is their main business, they spread out the cost of their materials evenly, thus their price per printed material is cheaper than printing your own.
  2. Printed materials from desktop papers have the telltale signs that it is printed from desktop printers rather than professional printers. What would your customers/clients think when they notice this? They would think that your business is unprofessional and is not stable since you can’t even afford hiring professional printers.

Though printers have made our lives easier, it’s not a good idea for businesses to do the printing of company materials from a desktop printer. Investing in simple things such as your company’s promotional materials would help your company in the long run.