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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Revisiting Recto

I'm sure during one point in your college life you have been to Recto. Recto is an old street in the city of Manila wherein you can find a variety of shops. Some "shops" which is the favorite of some college students are those that sell custom research paper and custom term paper.

I don't know whether these "shops" are still prevalent in the area but though they offer custom term papers, you actually get recycled material from previous students. Some college teachers already know of this "tactic" by their students of buying research papers, I mean, heck, some of those professors are probably as old as C.M. Recto so you can understand if some of those research papers you bought already passed their tables.

Well, it seems that these kind of shops have found their way to the Internet. There are already a variety of websites offering custom research writing. Some of them can actually be pretty good, at least that's what I hear in the forums, since they are written by natural English speaking persons with degrees but some can also be--well, "crappy". You should be wary of these sites, and try to use Google to get some kind of review of the site. You can always find good reviews in forums.