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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Rhinoplasty is the more fancy term for “nose jobs” or “nose lift”. Let’s face it, as Filipinos, we are not exactly blessed with perfect noses. Some would undergo nose jobs just so that they could enhance their appearance. Though it is not uncommon in the Philippines to have Rhinoplasty, some would hide or deny the fact that they underwent the procedure.

In the States, Rhinoplasty is very common. I mean, teenagers even ask for it as their graduation gift or gift for their 16th Birthday (the equivalent for 18th birthdays in the Philippines). If you live somewhere in the west coast, there are several rhinoplasty Boston surgeons that are very good. You can find one using the internet or local directory or if you want, you can just visit good ol’ Dra. Viki Belo if you’re coming home to the Philippines.