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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Slow Yahoo Mail

Ugh, is it just me or is Yahoo mail CRAWLING??!!!! Jeez, it's so slow that I actually fell asleep while waiting for it to load. And I don't think it's a browser problem or the fact that I'm running Yahoo! Mail beta since I have to mail accounts, one in beta and one in the classic version and both accounts are SLOW to load. It's also not a browser issue since both Internet Explorer and Firefox can't seem to load Yahoo! Mail quickly.

So it's down to two things: Either my internet service provider (MyDestiny) is having problems with Yahoo mail or Yahoo's servers are weeping because Microsoft has backed away from buying them.

My bet? It's number two. :D

1 Comment:

Dan said...

Totally slow. Same issue here for past 5 days.