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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The sorry state of Globe's 3G/HSDPA Connection

So, ever since globe offered their P5 per 15 minutes GPRS/3G Connection, I've been trying to use it. Take note of the word "trying". I'm trying because I can't seem to connect to ANY websites. Sure, they allow me to connect to one site for about 2 seconds but after the site has been loaded or should I say, after they deduct my P5 for the initial connection, I won't be able to view succeeding sites. I have to reconnect my connection so they have to charge me another P5...and so on until my load is depleted.

Nice tactic, Globe. Can you "moderate your greed" and at least allow your customers to surf the web for more than 2 seconds? If their mobile 3G connection is this bad, I shudder to think what their visibility subscribers are experiencing. Good thing I stopped myself before subscribing to their Visibility, that's one less headache to worry about.

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madzie said...

I happened to acquire a Huawei e220 HSDPA modem from a local buy and sell site. The modem was sim-locked to Vodafone but unlocking was a breeze with a site that offers unlocking/debranding certain phones via online method.

Anyway, being a loyal Globe subscriber for the past 10 years already my first instance was to try their time-based internet charging. First good thing because their per kb charging was really a rip-off considering wap never really reached its intended popularity (at least locally).

Connection was also a breeze, configuration data was readily available... sadly I could only connect via 3G not HSDPA. Maybe my location is not yet HSDPA enabled but that's another issue. Browsing was fast even at 3G speeds.

However, my real intention was not really for browsing but to be able to connect to my home network remotely via SSH. The first few tries were unsuccessful and I posted the question at several forums asking whether they are able to connect via SSH. Answers were affirmative and this bothered me because there might be some differences between "real" visibility plan subscribers and those ordinary postpaid voice plans who access occassional data. Since the CSR could not answer my questions, it was referred to technical which returned my call within the 24 hour promised. A few minutes of tinkering and I was accessing my home network already.

My only lament is the charging method of their time-based access. At connection 5 pesos is already charged and any reconnection even if within the 15 minute period is another 5 pesos. Maybe this is fine if the network is already stable, but I have been disconnected a few times and spent almost 50 pesos, I guess, just for trying out the service. I wish they will do something about this.

Comparatively, when I was trying out my Smart prepaid sim (same location, same parameters except a time differenc of maybe 30 mins) I got an HSDPA signal although with intermittent 3G fallback. Plus their 30 minute time-based charging with reconnection options as long as within the 30 minute period seems to offer a better bang for the buck connection.