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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The sucky service of Gumbo Mall of Asia

My boyfriend and I went to the SM Mall of Asia to watch the World pyro Olympics. We wanted to watch it at one resort of our favorite restaurant, Gumbo. We're already regulars at the Gumbo branch in Robinson's place Ermita and SM North Edsa so we were expecting our regular excellent dining experience.

Our reservation was at 6:30, we saw the manager jot it down. We came a little early, around 6:15 and there were still customers at our table so it was okay, after all, it was not 6:30 yet. 6:30 came and went but we were still outside, waiting. Apparently, they informed the customers that we were arriving at 7pm. I am not the type of person to make a scene so I got mad at my boyfriend for not handling the situation or even reprimanding someone. After all, we already paid for our reservations and we had a right to demand that we be seated immediately. Besides, my stomach was already rumbling in hunger at that time. They finally let us in a little past 7 but we were not seated at the table that we have reserved. Apparently, the two b***hes hogging our table didn't want to leave. I think that reservation was already full so they ate there early with no plans of leaving until the end of the show.

But what really pisses me off is the asses at Gumbo prioritized them over us. We were the ones who has a right to be at that table and be served on time. They were going to sacrifice their service to one customer in order to please another. That is not good customer service.

And to further add salt to the injury, they had us wait 15 minutes or so for our receipt and change. At any given time, we would have left without getting our change, after all, it is minimal and I'll probably leave it as a tip but given the service that we have gotten earlier, I was not about to leave them ANY tip.

All in all, it was the worst service I've received. If I had known that they would ruin our evening, we would have eaten at our most favorite restaurant, Stars and Stripes and then bought tickets for the actual fireworks.

We're planning to watch the fireworks display again next week. And if you're planning on going, stay away from Gumbo if you don't want your evening ruined.


Anonymous said...

What the?! The Gumbo branch in SM MOA is one of the best restaurants ever built. The service there is really good as the waiters, waitresses and managers are all hospitable. Maybe they just didn't like your ugly shitty face that's why they made you wait! In addition, you might be acting like a vip who as if she paid for the whole restaurant! Fuck off!

natalie1981 said...

Sure, and maybe you're the mother fucking manager who mistreated us. If you read through the post, there wasn't any indication that we acted like a VIP. We even WAITED.

If you work there, do a good job next time. LOL. "best restaurants every built?!!!" Maybe for you considering by your language its probably the first restaurant you've eaten coming from the "turo-turo" that you're used to.

Whoever you are, next time, keep your "ugly shitty" attitude off my blog.