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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Swoopin: Free Mobile Game Downloads??

I've recently read in the papers about a wap service called Swoopin that allows you to download free mobile games to your mobile phone. Well, in my opinion, companies such as swoopin' don't just offer their products for free, so there should be a catch, right? Right! The catch is, you can download their games for free but you have to view ads in order to play it.

So every time you turn on your mobile game, the java application automatically connects to the mobile internet which means you are charged for your airtime. So if you're on Smart, that's automatic P10 deduction and if you're on Globe's Time browsing, it's a P5 deduction. Meaning, you play the game 3 times a day, you're charged P30 or P15 everyday. Now compare your cost with just buying your game from Smart or Globe which costs around P20-P30 which one costs more? So does it still qualify as free? I don't think so.


Ken said...

have you tried downloading a game from the site? i tried downloading and it worked fine. You download the game, launch the game view embedded ads and that's it. it doesnt connect to their ad server all the time you play the game. i already played a game i downloaded 4 times and i still have to connect to their ads server. Im sure it will connect soon. I think the idea here is everytime you on on session with Smart or Globe-- you need to take advantage and download as many as you want till yout 15mins or 30 mins is up.

natalie1981 said...

Read it here: http://wap.swoopin.org/free.php

"games supported by ads and sometimes connect to the network to download new ads"

Maybe it's because while you are playing, you're already connected to the server. In my experience, I've already disconnected and when I ran the application, it doesn't load the game if my GPRS is off.