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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where to stay in Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is a popular destination when you're traveling Europe. Sights to see in Budapest includes the Thermal Baths and a couple of local museums.

If you're looking for hotels, then the best hotel in town is the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal. It is a five star hotel located at the heart of the city. Room rates range from 145-219 Euros. Hotel Gellert is a four star hotel and is located near the Danube bank. Room rates for Hotel Gellert range from 75-228 Euros. If you're just looking for a three star hotel accommodation, Hotel Pest has been rated one of the best and their rates range from 96-130 Euros.

Hotels are not the only place to stay when you're in Budapest. Another popular way is to look for a Budapest apartment rental. If you visit any online hotel booking service for Budapest, some sites would also allow you to choose whether you want to stay in a hotel or apartment.

Just like hotels, apartments are also rated by stars, however, apartments offer cheaper rates than hotel so you can get the best value for your money if you rent a five star apartment rather than book a five star hotel. ApartmentsinBudapest.com has a comprehensive listing of apartments in Budapest and they offer cheaper rates.

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Robert said...

Lovely suggestions.... well, like to stay at Suburban Extended Stay Hotels. They are my favorite for their food & services.