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Friday, May 16, 2008

Who is more High Tech, QCPD or MPD?

I’ve recently blogged about how the Manila Police District went high tech by installing GPS devices on their police cars so that they can easily dispatch policemen after a call. Well, I’ve recently read that the QCPD is trying to go high tech. However, instead of installing GPS devices, their idea of “high tech” is installing Wi-Fi zones on Camp Karingal and other police stations.

I mean, come on! How in the world would WiFi Zones help in solving crimes? According to the report, the WiFi zones would help policemen in submitting their reports which are done through email. Reports cannot fight crime. You cannot save a person or arrest a terrorist by submitting reports. The usual lines of communication are good enough. What the QCPD and MPD needs are high-tech laboratory devices. If you watch CSI as much as I do, then you know what I mean.

Besides, WiFi zones would probably hinder a policeman’s job. Wanna bet that most of them would just use the free WiFi zones to check on their Friendster, MySpace, Multiply or Facebook account? So please, as a QC resident, I hope that they would funnel their funds through more useful equipment. The funds need to go to their crime laboratories.


vipes808 said...

In terms of their Tactical Operations , MPD is more high tech because all their mobile cars already have GPS and they have a more detailed digital map of MM being shown on large screen projectors all the time. So, when a call comes in, they can instantly zoom in to the crime seen. They can also conduct dragnets more effectively because of their software. The QCPD, on the other hand, has stopped using the GPS system they piloted 3 years. Good news is that they will pursue the project again next month. Another good thing about it is that their systems will become interconnected even at the NCRPO level.

Let's see what happens.

natalie1981 said...

I didn't know that the QCPD actually has GPS. And here I thought that what the MPD had is the first. If the QCPD has GPS 3 years ago, why can't I find a decent GPS map of metro manila aside from MapKing? I wish that they would share their GPS map or even sell it so that GPS devices would kick off for motorists here.