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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why SMART is pushing mobile broadband through 3G

I have previously blogged about how I'm worried that Smart's new Smart Bro prepaid promo will eat up their 3G network and would further degrade their 3G services. Well, it looks like I shouldn't be worried after all. Why? because Smart has 3 3G frequencies allocated to them.

I have read about it from Boo Chanco on his Philippine Star column. Under NTC rules, each network is allowed a certain number of bandwidth for their 3G. Smart has their own bandwidth but then there was supposed to be a new wireless provider under the name of CURE (If you happen to notice when you try to manually select your network on your mobile phone, you'll see the name CURE), however there was some problems and the owner ended up selling the 3G bandwisth allocated to them by the NTC, to Smart. So Smart now has 2 3G bandwidth allocated to them. That plus add Piltel's frequencies which Smart converted to 3G bandwidth, and we have 3.

No wonder Smart is so keen in pushing 3G down everyone's throat. They have to recover whatever amount they have spent buying those frequencies. The problem would arise if Smart so enthusiastically promotes 3G that their system becomes overloaded. That would mean another round of sucky services for all of us.

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