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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Business Tools: Quote and Proposal Software

Here’s another useful business tool that I’ve come by, a quote and proposal software from Every business that deals with selling would find this software very useful. So how can this software help your business?

Well, for one, it would reduce any order errors and thus eliminate any costly quotation. For example, I know of a computer retail store that deals with government agencies and this particular agency asked for a price quotation, well, to make a long story short, the clerk gave a wrong quotation (price given was lower than actual price) but the purchase order was already delivered so the store had to give up their performance bond rather than go through with the purchase order and subsidize the remaining cost of computers which price was quoted in error. Now an automated quote software would have eliminated the chance of this happening again.

Reduced or eliminated quotation errors would increase revenues and customer satisfaction as well as increase the selling effectiveness of the business. Other key features of the quote and proposal software from access-commerce includes guided selling and electronic catalogs of inventory, customer specific pricing and promotions so your sales team won’t have to give a particular customer discount to other customers, Microsoft outlook synchronization so you can keep track of your customer contacts, and many more.

Businessmen don’t have to worry about automating their sales department. Just a simple software would do wonders for a business.