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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cebu Midtown Hotel Review

I have recently set foot on Cebu City (for the first time) and have checked in at the Cebu Midtown Hotel (since my brother has a discount and we've just piggy-backed on his name.


From the looks of it, the Cebu Midtown Hotel is a two to three-star hotel though my search in Google says it's a four star. Well, for me it may be good for a two-and-a-half star. The building itself looks aging. The elevators make a groaning sound that makes you think it would fall off its hinges any second. Well, putting aside it's ancient look, I have to admit that the hotel itself is clean. From the lobby, hallway, to the rooms, everything is spic and span.

If you're worried about security you might want to take a second look at the hotel. Unless your room is situated in the fourteenth floor, the keycards are pretty old fashioned. The keycard is just a plastic card with several holes that reminds me of bus tickets with punched-up holes. There's no electronic sim card on it or magnetic tape. You could easily copy the hole patterns, make up your own keycard and enter the premises to do whatever "evil" or "mischievous" deed you might think of.

Amenities include free use of the pool (4 ft, small size but clean and okay looking), gym (which I wasn't able to use), and free breakfast buffet (the food is good though). There's no wifi but it's right in the middle of Fuente OsmeƱa so you're near hospitals, restaurants, and internet shops.

The staff are friendly but they're "kinda strict" when you're bringing in local delicacies such as "danggit" or dried fish. Our cousin who entered using the parking lot brought us some dried fish but the guard wouldn't allow her to bring it in and instead they stored it in their storage room until we had to check out. My sister and I were able to sneak up our own "danggit" when we have shopped at the local market. Their policy really made no sense to me, they don't allow the dried fish because apparently, it would make the room smell. So, what? Don't they clean the rooms afterwards? What if someone accidentally puked or brought in other smelly foods or if someone who has a strong body odor (stronger than danggit) checks in, do they show this person their "storage room"?


If you're traveling on a budget, the Cebu Midtown Hotel is "good enough". They would provide you with a decent place to stay plus you get to eat to your heart's content during breakfast. All in all, I'll just stick with my rating of 2.5 stars.