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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Come up with a productive team with Performia International

Marten Runow, the founder of Performia International had said, “The importance of hiring productive personnel cannot be underestimated. The success of your business depends on it.” I couldn’t agree more, the people you hire determines of the success of your business.

A business is a like a machine, with its personnel as its parts. Buy some low quality parts and you’ll spend a lot on repairs and at worst, your machinery might break down. This is where Performia International comes in. Performia International is a human resource company which will help you select the best employees that is right for your business.

Most companies have a human resource department that already does the job but Performia specializes in human resource selection and they have been doing it since 2001. As can be gleaned from their Testimonials page, their combination of IQ tests, Personality analysis, Leadership index, and Performance checking, have yield good results for several companies.

Performia can also train your current human resource department so that they can master the Performia system in order to increase productivity for your company. For a business to go a long way, never scrimp on the most important assets of your company---your human resources.