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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Driving through the Italian Country Side

Like I've said before, the best way to tour any European country is through driving through it. You should find a Car Hire as soon as you land in an airport. So, what's the advantages of car hire rather than joining a tour group? Well, for one, you have the luxury of time on your hands. This is highly recommended for those traveling photographers. Once you see a great view, you can just stop whenever you like and take a shot rather than try to shoot a beautiful scenery through a moving bus.

Italy is one of the great places where traveling photographers should visit. There are many Car Hire Italy to choose from and you can probably find one to suit your budget. The Tuscan landscape is AMAZING and I'm sure avid photographers would find the perfect shot for their albums.

Do you need a local driver's license when traveling? Nope, you can just apply for an International Driver's License at LTO. Some localities would allow you to drive using your local driver's license but if you're always traveling, it's best to secure an International Driver's license.