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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Health Insurance

I'm really not a believer of health insurance. For one, I don't like paying XX amount of money monthly for something that might or might not happen. I've always thought that saving that same amount of money would yield the same result plus you have the choice to use that money on whatever unlike health insurance wherein there's only some health cases which are insurable.

I’ve recently suffered a dog bite and had to undergo anti-rabies vaccination. It’s a good thing that our company has a health card. Though the insurance provider probably cannot compare with some California health insurance providers, I’m glad that anti-rabies vaccination was covered, though only up to a certain amount. This made me change my view about health insurance.

I guess you really can’t be too sure nowadays specially with the on-going worldwide economic crisis. Your savings might not actually cover your medical expenses so I guess investing on your health could prove useful.