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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Helicopter Accident Lawyers

Do you remember the time when every day there was news on TV about helicopters crashing in the Philippines? The helicopter crashes were either due to the fault of the pilot or due to the fact that the government keeps purchasing outdated helicopter models that should only be good for scrap metals.

It would have good if there was even an aviation lawyer that specializes in helicopter crashes then maybe those who were victims could sue the government. In the US, there are lawyers that specializes in very niche topics such as aviation accidents, health malpractice, etc. The most common topic that lawyers in the Philippines specializes in is usually Commercial Law, Election Law, and sometimes Criminal Law--all covering bar subjects.

Check out www.helicopteraccidentattorney.com if you want to find out more resources about helicopter accidents. Who knows, since most of our laws are patterned after American laws, you might find something useful to use in a case or something.