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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to Choose Your Curtain Rods

If you’re serious about decorating your house you also need to put some thought to your curtain rods. A good interior design could easily be ruined if you don’t find the right style of curtain rod that would fit your décor. Here are just some basic tips:

  • First of all, the general rule is that your curtain rods should at least be five inches longer than your windows to be sure that the entire window is covered.
  • Consider also what kind of drapes you will be using. If you will be using heavier drapes (for air-conditioned rooms) try looking for brass or iron rods with a middle bracket to support the weight.
  • Take a look at the end-caps. The end caps are the ones usually seen on curtain rods since these are not covered by the curtains. Be sure to choose simple end caps if the style of your interior décor is simple and minimal.
  • Wooden curtain rods are good for old-fashioned style rooms but always be sure of the quality of the wood and ask if it’s termite resistant.
  • If you will be using two drapes (opaque one over heavier drape), be sure to get a double rod for a more dramatic and less cluttered effect of the curtains.
  • The last tip of course is not to go over you budget. If you can’t afford fancy curtain rods anymore then don’t splurge on one, there will always be a simple-styled curtain rod that can fit any interiors.