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Friday, June 20, 2008

Local Halloween Costume Rental?

Does anyone know of any Halloween Costume Rental Shops in the Philippines? Since Halloween is a popular holiday in the US, every town has their own costume rental shops. Halloween has only been gaining popularity in the Philippines. I remember that trick or treating wasn't even being done back then but Malls now have the habit of inviting kids to go trick or treating.

I think Halloween is a fun holiday. I love seeing kids costumes and even seeing grown ups dress up is fun. Though I wish there were Costume Rental shops that we could easily find in the malls. I mean, it would be a good business especially if you were the pioneer. Students do skits that require costumes everyday then there are costume parties being thrown and don't forget Holidays such as Easter and Christmas wherein some people would need to rent Easter Bunny and Santa Claus costumes.

If I had the resources to do that, I'd probably set up one.