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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Manny Pacquiao picked best pound-for-pound boxer

According to a news report, Manny Pacquiao has been chosen by as the best pound for pound fighter following Floyd Mayweather’s retirement. I have never really been a fan of Manny Pacquiao specially since he seems to have gotten a bigger head after every successful fight but I do admire the man specially after how every fight he’s never ashamed to get down on his knees and thank God for his fight. For me, that’s the only redeeming quality of Pacquiao. Any man who’s not afraid to kneel before God and give thanks is okay in my book.

Anyways, Pacquiao has been previously ranked no. 2 by and other boxing websites but Fightfan staff said that since Mayweather is retiring and since Pacquiao has been a consisten fighter since 2003, he deserves to be the successor of Mayweather’s no. 1 position.

Speaking of Mayweather’s retirement, if you were already set to get Mayweather vs De La Hoya tickets for their supposed fight in September, don’t lose hope as a rematch is still a possibility. Although everything is a rumor at this point, some says Mayweather’s announcement is just to create a buzz about his rematch with De La Hoya. Others think that this retirement is not permanent after all, this is like what, his second retirement?