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Monday, June 2, 2008

McDonald's Brew vs. Starbucks

If you’ve been shuttling back and forth from Canada to the Philippines as long as I have, you’ll eventually feel burnt. The first thing I do after leaving the airport is always look for a coffee shop. The thing is, I seem to have different taste buds in both countries. After arriving from NAIA, I always look for the nearest Starbucks and get myself some strong, black coffee but when I’m in Canada, I find myself craving for McDonald’s strong brewed coffee.

I don’t know why but McDonald’s coffee in the Philippines seems to have a different taste. Maybe it’s the ingredients they’re using. Then again, maybe it’s just my brain subconsciously telling me to go for the cheaper McDonald’s coffee rather than Starbuck’s coffee and save myself from computing any exchange rate conversion loss, etc.

There was actually a consumer’s survey done by consumer’s report back in 2007 which surveyed people about the best coffee and most of them found McDonald’s coffee tastier than Starbucks. Personally, I do prefer McDonald’s coffee as it doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste.

Speaking of McDonald’s coffee addiction, there’s this site, Friends4Coffee which showcases some animated shorts as well as personal comments of people who love McD’s brew. The site is pretty cute but I have to warn you that looking at the pictures of McDonald’s morning menu would probably make you crave for your own cup of coffee.