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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What credit cards to choose

If you have no problems getting approved for a credit card, it usually means you have a good credit. Now you should make use of this good credit of yours by choosing the best credit card that would suit your needs. In the Philippines, these are the most common credit cards:

Airline Rewards Credit cards

HSBC has their own Mabuhay Miles while Citibank has their Premier Miles and Metrobank, I think, has their GoGard which is in partnership with Cebu Pacific. Airline Rewards Credit cards would let you earn points for your every purchase and you can convert these points to mileage. If you travel a lot you would get a lot out of this kind of credit cards as you can upgrade your seat to First Class or Business Class and if you're a frequent shopper, you can actually get a free trip.

Gas Rewards Credit Cards

HSBC has their Caltex Card and Citibank has their Shell credit card. Like the Airline Rewards credit cards, for every purchase you make you can earn rebates every time you purchase gas on the partner establishments. This is specially useful these days that gas prices are skyrocketing. You can actually hit two birds with one stone, for every dime you spend on your shopping, you can get back from you gas purchase.

Regular Rewards Credit Cards

Almost all credit card companies offer points for your every purchase. You can claim these points through their rewards catalog. Again, frequent shoppers would benefit from this. Though the points per item is usually excessively high, you can just opt to pay through credit cards instead of cash in order to accumulate points. Just be sure that you pay it within your billing cycle so that you won't get charged for interest.

There are other types of credit cards available however these are still not available in the Philippine setting. In the US, they are already offering student credit cards, bad credit credit cards, etc. If you live in the US, creditcardsclub.com is a good resource to find out about the different credit cards available in the US.