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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why John Flood should watch his words

I have seen the episode of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus wherein the remaining housemates gets grilled by the former housemates and guardians. I was pretty irked when John Flood, father of teen housemate Kevin grilled Ejay. Not that I'm a fan of Ejay. In fact, I barely watch Pinoy Big Brother except the times when my nieces are watching it and I happen to have nothing else to do.

John Flood asked Ejay whether it was reason enough to be poor in order to win Pinoy Big Brother then he goes on to say something about how Ejay couldn't even understand English. What was that about? FYI, it is called PINOY big brother for a reason. Past winners were people who aren't well to do in life and some also couldn't speak English well.

If I can recall correctly, there are people in Spain who also couldn't speak English. In fact, if you watch beauty contests, some Spanish contestants has to have an interpreter, and this is an International competition. In International competitions, I think that is when someone should understand English since English is an International Language but for a local competition wherein even Big Brother requires the foreign based housemates to speak in Tagalog, speaking or even understanding English is not necessary.

As for why poor housemates should win the contest, it's not necessarily a requirement but if it comes down between Ejay or Robbie, of course more people would sympathize with someone who isn't well off in life.