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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Alternatives to Gasoline

*Sigh* I know I’m sounding more and more like a broken record since I keep talking about the rising oil prices but I can’t help it. I think it has already breached the 60 pesos mark and if it doesn’t stop, my dream of having my own car is slowly diminishing. I mean, what use would I have of a car if it will just gather dust since I don’t have the money to buy oil for it.

Most taxis are turning to liquefied petroleum gas but it really doesn’t make much of a difference because the price of LPG is also rising. In the US, people are turning to biofuels, particularly Ethanol while some resort to electric cars but the price of electric cars compared with cars compatible with biofuels is really not economical.

Though some investors would particularly make use of the surging oil prices to invest their money on oil, this would further drive the prices up and there would come a time that most countries would now resort to alternative fuels. If this happens, oil prices would certainly drop since it’s all about the law of supply and demand.

According to wikinvest, Ethanol is predicted to account for a full 9% of US fuel usage within 10 years. The rising oil prices would further increase the viability of Ethanol as there would be more government subsidies and probably tax breaks for those willing to invest in it.

In the Philippines because of the food shortage, biofuels are also less viable. The only alternative fuel that would probably suit everyone is compressed natural gas but then again, there’s only one refilling station in the whole country. I really hope that government would further develop the use of CNG and that consumer cars will be able to be converted in order to use this cheap fuel alternative.