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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Attacks in Lithuanian Website focused on Hosting Company

There were news earlier this week about 300 web sites being attacked in Lithuania. The web sites were defaced following the enactment of a law prohibiting public display of Soviet Union symbols and playing of the Soviet Union national anthem. The trashing of the websites consists of putting up pro-Soviet Symbols and slogans on the attacked websites in apparent retaliation to the law.

According to news reports, the attacks were focused on one hosting company which had a vulnerability on the web server software or the Linux operating system. The hosting company was already advised on how to fix the problem.

According to officials, it would take some time before catching the culprits since proxy servers were used in the deed.

I guess you should always choose your hosting companies wisely and make use of review sites like in order to search for history of vulnerabilities of a particular hosting company.