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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

International Internships

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I first heard of international internship from the TV advertisements of a local school. I think it was AMA college or its affiliate that was boasting in their TV ads that they offer international internships. National University also has a partner that offers international internships. Some would probably ask whether it is real or just some gimmick so that students would flock to their schools. Well, it's really a little bit of both.

If we would look at the ad itself, most people would say that once you enroll in the school, you will automatically intern internationally plus it's free. Well, I really don't know what the policy of the school is but it's not free, it would either be included in the tuition fee or the student will shoulder the expenses themselves.

I know some students would jump at the chance at international internships or study abroad. Some would want to explore and learn other cultures while some would think it would make it easier for them to apply for jobs abroad. I for one, when I was younger, I was yearning to go to Spanish schools Buenos Aires because I was in love with the Spanish language.

Anyways, you don't actually have to go to a specific school to avail of any international internships. You can just search the net and you'll find some countries offering international internships. From internships Argentina to internships Zimbabwe, you can find all the information you need at your fingertips.