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Monday, July 28, 2008

Robin: The next superhero movie they should make

With all the superhero movies being shown every year specially during the Summer blockbuster season, I bet Hollywood producers are running out of good superhero movies to make. I mean, why else would they reincarnate Batman instead of making a movie that takes off from the last Batman movie that Tim Burton made. Speaking of which, I've recently watched all the first four Batman films and it made me wonder whether some Hollywood producers would make a Robin/Night Wing movie.

I know that Robin will always be synonymous with Batman but in some comic books, I think that he and Batman separated ways and he became Night Wing. That would be a good movie to explore not to mention I'm dying to see the hunk who'll play Robin. Just one suggestion: PLEASE don't choose some wimpy Hollywood star with already established names (ie, Nicholas Cage, that guy who played Incredible Hulk, Robert Downey Jr., etc) just so you can rake in their fans. The Superman and Spider-man movies made waves even though the main characters weren't big-named stars.

Chris O'Donnel is already too old to play Robin, I hope that guy who played Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four would do but then he's already a superhero. Anyways, I just hope it's someone hunky.