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Friday, July 25, 2008

Shopping on US Websites

Okay, so you already know the wonders of the Internet and how you can get cheap products by buying items online. More specifically, the bargain site called eBay. There are a lot of web sites wherein you can find cheap products, the only problem is that these websites including most sellers on eBay only ship to a US address. So even though you badly want to buy that cheap Louis Vitton bag, you can't. So what can you do? Here are some options: - E-2-door is a website that lets you shop on US website. They have a shopping assistant and all you have to do is give the description and link of the item you want and e2door buys it for you. Their shopping assistant already gives you a quote of how much will be your total purchase price including shipping. The disadvantage? Their shipping charges is WAAYYY over the top. If you're going to buy consumer electronics, rest assured that shipping charges plus the custom charge is the same price as the item you're buying. E2door is a good option if you're going to buy small items with small value but stay away from them if you're going to buy items which are $50 or more since they base their shipping charges on the price of the items. - is a mail forwarding company. With you have two options: First is you don't pay any membership fees, you just pay a fixed price of $8.5 per package plus the actual shipping cost. This is a good option if you're going to buy small packages and you're just going to shop one time. The other option is to opt for their virtual mailbox. This is a good option if you're shopping frequently. Shipitto repackages your items in one big package and you pay an annual fee of $50 plus $8.5 repackaging fee and $8.5 mail out fee. The disadvantage? There's a good chance that you still have to pay for customs fee when you receive your package thereby adding more to your shipping cost.

Balikbayan box - If you have relatives abroad, this is the easiest and probably cheapest way. You just ask your relatives or friends to buy a particular package. Some websites like Amazon allow you to pay through your credit card and ship the item to another address. Your cost is only the shipping cost of the balikbayan box and you don't have to pay for any customs charge.