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Friday, July 4, 2008

Where to find Cheap Perfumes

One great thing about living in European countries is that sites like Fragrance Zone which sells cheap perfumes are abundant. Whenever my sister comes home from the UK, she never fails to bring a perfume for each of us. It's because perfumes are cheap in Europe.

I mean, over at Fragrance Zone alone, you can get the 125ML Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue perfume for only £16.99, converted to pesos, that's around 1,600! Almost a quarter of the price of the regular perfumes sold in our country. It’s too bad that they only deliver within the UK and some European countries.

My sister was thinking of putting up a business wherein we would buy and sell perfumes. It does sound like a good idea and eBay.ph are brimming with sellers selling cheap perfumes though of course, you really can’t be sure of the quality and whether or not the perfumes they’re selling on eBay are authentic or not. Which brings me to another advantage of buying perfumes directly from a website: they provide their company information so you can be rest assured that companies like Fragrance Zone who fully disclose their contact information won’t sell you any fake perfumes. StrawberryNET.com is also a good fragrance site plus you can also get designer cosmetics from them at almost half the price!

If you have any relatives in the UK, selling perfumes here might be a viable business for you. Be sure that you have your relatives send you your stocks in a “balikbayan box” so that you won’t get taxed by customs.

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