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Friday, July 11, 2008

Wholesale Silver Jewelry Suppliers from Thailand

Thailand is known for its cheap jewelry. Gold and silver are in abundance in that country and if you go to your local jeweler, their precious metals are categorized by regions; there’s Saudi gold and then there’s Thailand gold. Thailand also has an abundance of silver jewelry. In fact, local jewelers seek wholesale silver jewelry in Thailand.

However, finding suppliers that will sell silver jewelry wholesale is hard to find. Some even fly straight to Thailand so that they can find jewelry suppliers. That was before Filipinos were not acquainted with the Internet. If you do a Google search you now can contact suppliers in Thailand without even going abroad.

After searching for suppliers of wholesale jewelry on the net, I’ve come across 925e.com, a wholesale jeweler from Thailand. They have a nice jewelry collection which includes silver, shells, coral, glass, and crystal jewelries. If you want to set up a small brick and mortar jewelry store, you might want to try them out. Their jewelry collection looks like the ones being sold in high-end stores like Rustan’s.

Of course, before transacting with anybody online, be sure you do a thorough research of any companies you’re dealing with. If a site only accepts credit cards, be sure you pay the day after your cut-off date so your supplier has 1 month to deliver the goods to you and if after the 1 month period is over and your billing statement comes, you can always contest that particular transaction.

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Anonymous said...

I have actually purchased from 925e and found the quality of the items fantastic, very current and trendy and just as the item is described. The customer service is fantastic. Before charging my credit card they send me a proforma invoice so I could see exactly what I was being charged for. Great company to work with and I highly recommend this company.