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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Accepting Credit Cards For Your Online Business

I've read in the newspaper today about how it's really not economical for small businesses to do their business online. The report cited that there's the issue of hosting your site, security, maintaining it, etc. The article failed to mention that there are already services offering ready-made websites or online stores. A few quick Google search and someone operating a small business already have every information needed to put up his website. All it takes is a little research.

One hindrance that some businessmen encounters when putting up an online store is their inability to accept credit cards. Since most online transactions revolve around using credit cards, they have to set up a merchant account, however, for those starting up, this could be a bit costly. Thankfully, sites such as,, and Google's Checkout services have made this easier.

So you see, local entreprenuers don't have to be hindered by things such as hosting, merchant accounts, etc. This is the information technology age, everything you need to know is a "google" away.