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Monday, August 4, 2008

Destiny Cable Review: A follow-up

So, I've been a Destiny Cable subscriber for a few months now and just as I have promised, after using their service extensively, here's a more in depth review. Like I have said, I've subscribed to their plan 999 cable internet because all the other broadband providers like Globe, Bayantel and SPECIALLY PLDT sucks. I was adamant to try Destiny at first since I've read some feedback that their service also sucks but they're my last choice. It's either them, go back to dial-up internet, or worse--go back to PLDT.

Anyways, they don't guarantee you a certain amount of speed. All they say that is you'll get around 384kbps to 1mpbs so it means that your speed will fluctuate from time to time. I was expecting my speed to by capped at just 384 since I was resigned to the fact that it's just a marketing gimmick to them but I was surprised when I frequently checked with broadband speed test on the web that the lowest speed I got is around 512kpbs. Not bad. I also hardly experience any down time with them. And though it would take you AGES to contact their customer support, it usually takes around 3-5 hours for the internet service to be back up again.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with their service.

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Anonymous said...

good to know.

just this morning, I wrote to PLDT for the cancellation of my subscription.

I've been a subscriber for two weeks and never got used their service, and never did figure out what was wrong with it (crappy customer service, i agree).

They wanted me to pay the pretermination fee, so they got a whole bond paper of complaint from me that I am not going to absorb the damages for their inefficiencies. :)