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Monday, August 18, 2008

File Extension Library

One of the problems faced by a person who's new to computers are file extensions. File extensions are those three letters that comes after a file name, e.g., .exe, .wav, .mp3, etc. File extensions tells the computer what kind of files that is and which program to open it.

I remember my father asking me what the file extension ppt means and it was a good thing that we have just taken up microsoft office in school as I was not yet savvy with the Internet back then. Nowadays, anyone can be tech savvy as there are websites such as the file extension library which has almost all the known file extensions known to computers and tells you what program you need to open it.

Of course, a quick google search can do that for you but it would be better if you bookmarked so that you have a ready encyclopedia of file extensions at your disposal.