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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gadget Shopping in Hong Kong

When I was recently in Hong Kong I tried to go gadget shopping or look around for some mobile phones since I've read that shopping in Hong Kong could be pretty cheap. I mainly shopped in the Mongkok area and I don't really know if I have shopped in the right place or not but if you're going mobile phone shopping in Hong Kong, well, let's just say that you're better off buying one locally off eBay or in Greenhills. Mobile Phone prices in Hong Kong is almost the same if you're going to shop in Greenhills plus if the phone has some issues, you can always go after the local sellers.

Though I have to admit that there are mobile phones in Hong Kong that are not available in the Philippines like the Samsung Omnia for example or the Sony Ericsson G900. If you're the type that wants to have a mobile phone before everybody else has then you'd definitely benefit from shopping in Hong Kong since you have no local price to compare to.

My next stop would probably be in Singapore. I heard that gadgets are much cheaper there compared with Hong Kong.