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Friday, August 22, 2008

Internet Money Making Options

I've heard about how some people can make money online and I have to admit, I did try some of them. My very first money making opportunity was through MyLOT, a forum/social networking site that pays you to reply to threads or start your own thread.

Through MyLOT, I've discovered some other money making opportunities such as get paid to read emails, get paid to click on ads, etc. I've also tried making money online through eBay. I've heard about how some people doesn't actually have actual products with them but they make use of dropshippers. However, try as I might to look for dropshippers online, I can't find one wherein I can make a decent profit with. Most of the dropshippers I've found were just middle men so the price they gave me already have their own added profits so I can barely compete with some of the sellers on eBay.

Another popular making money online activity using eBay is reselling eBooks and software. With resell rights, all you need is an eBay store or your own website, some SEO skills and you can sell ebooks and software. This is perfectly legitimate and copyright infringement is a non-issue. The author/programmer of the ebooks and software already sold all their rights to their creation so with each eBook/software you sell, you can also transfer the right to sell these ebooks/software to your buyer.

If you want to get started making money online and gain some SEO and webmaster skills in the process, then resell rights can be a good start.